Mirza Abolhassan Hakim Bashi
Mozzafar Al Din Shah Qajar's Doctor

Abolhassan Hakim Bashi followed his father Mirza Ali Naghi Hakim Bashi as Mozzafar-din Shah's doctor.  Mirza Abolhassan was married to Kokab-ol-Hajieh Khanoum "Qajr Agha (آغا)" daughter of Mirza Mehdi Khan Qajar Davalou, the fifth and only remaining son of Assef-ol-Saltaneh, the son of Mirza Mohammad Khan Biglar Baygie "Taj Bakhsh" Qajar "Davalou".  The title of Kokabs' great grandfather "Taj Baksh" literally means the Lord who bestows the Crown and the history behind it is explained below.  Mirza Abolhassan and Kokab Khanoum had 12 children which included: Ebrahim Hakimi (Hakim-el-Molk)Mah Lagha Khanoom Joon Joon, Mir Panj Haj Moussa Khan Nazm-ol-Saltaneh, and Rahim Hakimi Moshir Homayoon who togther with his brother in law Moazzam-ol-Saltaneh were working for Shoa' -ol-Saltaneh Prince Regent and Governor of the Pars province in Shiraz (Mozzafarie period).

Chief Physician Abolhassan (Hakim Bashi), Lady Kokab Qajar Davalou  &
Their Children
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Ebrahim Hakimi Hakim-el-Molk

Mirza Reza khan
Sakineh Mah Jabin
Yusef Gharajedaghi

Mah Lagha Hakimi

Mah Soltan Hakimi
Ebrahim Hakimi
Mirza Reza khan
Sakineh Mah Jabin Mah Lagha Hakimi
Mohsen Hashemi (*)
Mah Soltan
Najm ol Doheh Najmi

Abolhassan Hakimi

Esmaiel Hakimi Rokn-el-Molk, Aide de Camp to Sultan Ahmad Shah Qajar Mir Panj (General) Haj Moussa Khan Hakimi Nazm-al-Saltaneh

Rahim Hakimi Moshir Homayoon

Ali Naghi Hakimi Etemad-e-Houzour

Abolhassan Hakimi Esmaeel Hakimi
General Musa Hakimi
Rahim Hakimi
Moshir Homahyoun
AliNaghi Hakimi

(*) But her children chose the surname Hakimi much later when modern family names were introduced during reign of Reza Shah

From the left Abolhassan, Alinaghi Hakimi Etemad-e-Hozour, Rahim Hakimi Moshir Houmayon, Abolghassem Hakimi Kamal-e-Doleh , Esmaiel Hakimi Rokn-el-Molk, Mir Panj Haj Moussa Khan Nazm-ol-Saltaneh

Mirza Abolhassan Hakimbashi

The Story Of Davalou Tribe

After the death of the ennuch king Agha Mohammad Shah Qajar the first king of the Qajar dynesty the Qajar and Davalou tribal chiefs met to decide who should become the Shah as Agha Mohammad Shah could not bear any children - he had been castrated on the orders of the last Shah of the previous dynasty as he was feared for his wickedness from an early age, it did little good as later he escaped to northern Iran at the first opportunity and gathered a rebel army that overthrew the Zand dynasty.  The tribal chiefs elected Kokab Khanoum's great grandfather,  Mirza Mohammad Khan Biglar Baygie.  He however removed the crown from his head and placed it on the head of Agha Mohammad's nephew who became Fat-h Ali Shah Qajar.   He was therefore given the title Taj Bakhsh-e-Davalou, literally Davalou the Crown Giver.  During the reign of Nasser-e-Din Shah (the fourth king of Qajars), the son of Mohammad Biglar Baygie called Assef-ol- Saltaneh who was the governor of the Khorasan province in eastern Iran decided to claim the crown for himself.  In the ensuing war, he and four of his sons were killed and his remaining son, Mirza Mehdi Khan was taken by the Shah as a hostage (as a guarantee against any further uprisings by the Davalou tribe).  Mirza Mehdi Khan was brought up in the Shah's household and was Kokab Khanoum's father.