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The Hakimi family is an old Iranian family.  I have designed this page to provide a common point of reference for our children now that we are living apart over great distances and in different cultures.  It is a gift for all the younger generations. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mehrdad Hakimi for allowing us to use his domain hakimi.me for the family pages for so many years before this site. 

The site is organized into sections containing , historical documents, the original family tree in Persian, and articles.  There is a brief history to tell the story of  our origins and the family's involvement in Iranian government, its support for freedom through constitutional monarchy in Iran and as an introduction to our family. Because the family tree is hard to read, an abridged version with photos has been provided in the Family Tree and Album sections.

This is very much work-in-progress and the site is not complete. Because of work commitments I have limited amount of time to spend on updating it.

London, 2013